Crafted Legacy

Weaved into the lives of Kutchi women, this craft is 5000 years old. Mother passed on to their daughter and now we are spreading this crafted legacy to the daughters of the world.

Over the centuries, embroideries migrated from nearby countries through people looking for a dignified livelihood. And it found its home in Kutch. It changed and evolved into what it is today. But the core values remain intact.


/// STITCHES ///

Stitches are the smallest unit of our embroideries. From complex Mukko to classic running, the difficulty to render various stitches differ for each piece.

/// MIRRORS ///

The use of mirrors in our work distinguishes the embroideries of Kutch from other works of Gujarat. Each embroidery stipulates the shape, size & quantum of mirrors.

/// MOTIFS ///

A single or a combination of multiple stitches create a form called a motif. It can be floral, geometrical, abstract, or just traditional.

/// BORDERS ///

Borders are the product of all embroidery elements. Sometimes, one or multiple elements create beautiful compositions of borders stacked with layers.

/// STYLES ///

We denote style in terms of embroidery by different communities; such as the Ahir community has only one embroidery style called Mutva while others have many.