Plain Silk Ahir Blouse Pc


Fabric – Plain Silk

Embroidery – Ahir

Colour – Navy Blue

Size – 42″ X 42″

Washing Instructions – Dry Clean Only

Description – This exquisite hand embroidered Blouse Pc is embroidered using the Ahir Style of embroidery. This style of embroidery is practised by the Ahir of the Kutch region of Gujarat. It is a flowing, curvilinear style, that uses motifs like elephants, flowers, peacocks, parrots, scorpions. It represents flora and fauna of the area. Designs are drawn freehand and transferred to the cloth by stencil. The first image is showing the back side of the blouse , the second image showing the sleeves, the third image showing the neck embroidered design and the fourth image showing the close up of the blouse piece embroidery.

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Plain Silk Ahir Blouse Pc

Plain Silk Ahir Blouse Pc