Neran Hand Embroidered Dupatta


Fabric – Chanderi Cotton Silk

Embroidery – Neran and Pakko

Colour – Maroon

Size – 36″ x 90″

Washing Instructions – Dry Clean Only

Description – This dupatta is beautifully embroidered using Neran and Pakko embroidery style. These styles of embroidery is practised by the Sodha and Jadeja communities of the Kutch region of Gujarat. The embroidery style has a tiny square or diamond shaped unit resembling the human eye. The unit is oulined in a dark colour, filled in with a bright colour and highlighted in white, hence the name neran, meaning eye. Pakko embroidery is bold, colourful and solid. The cloth may give way after years of use but the embroidery won’t fray and hence it is called Pakko. Use this exquisite dupatta to style your garments.

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Neran Hand Embroidered Dupatta

Neran Hand Embroidered Dupatta