Shrujan is the genesis of bringing infinite hand-embroidered creations designed by the traditional craftswomen of Kutch. It binds the culture, art and life of 12 Kutchi communities together to keep their art alive.

The Concept
Is To Keep The Art Alive

The Quality
Is Our Culture

Is All A Kutchi Woman Need

Shrujan For CSR

We envision taking the Kutch craftsmanship to international waters, for people to appreciate the beauty of not only the design but the culture as well.

“Threads Of Life”

Shrujan is not just a brand but a saga of tales of the craftswomen of kutch. Here, each thread weaved has a story of skill, struggle and victory etched to it. We live by “threads of life” as every product we sell brings a wave of changes in the lives of our craftswomen bit by bit. From being financially independent to being socially empowered, each product adds a feather of progress in their lives.

Ethos Of Shrujan


Shrujan came into existence to preserve the culture and beauty of 12 Kutch communities. While we uplift the craftswomen and protect their distinctive skills, we weave years of legacy using principles of fashion design to curate unique embroidery and designs that speak of Kutch’s rich tradition.


Our inspiration is the women of Kutch and their dignified culture. What once was just passed as a family heirloom, now inspires our artisans to create unique designs. While we are moving at a greater pace to fit in the modernity, Shrujan is bringing the roots of Kutch heritage into vogue.


Each Kutchi embroidery is unique. We at Shrujan have been studying the most prominent communities of Kutch and their embroideries for years, which has enabled us to create infinite & one-of-a-kind embroideries that capture the essence of Kutch and represent the modernity that our craftswomen were able to master.